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Architecture Can Bring People Together

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  • October 22, 2023
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Architecture has the power to bring people together. it can stimulate our sense of pride in place, which I think Trinbagonians need to develop more.” she said. On why architecture is not as valued in as it is in other countries. Director of Gillespie and Partners (G+P} Dion Wilson points to the discouragement of creative pursuits by parents as a contributing factor.

“Parents, thinking that their children will be wealthy and contented (successful), Steer their children toward careers in law, medicine, engineering. or business. For that reason, education in any area of creative pursuit is generally discouraged. Consequently, as a nation. we do not think or express ourselves in the language or the imagination,” he said. There are no schools devoted to architecture in T&T. However, the Caribbean School of Architecture (UTech) in Kingston, Jamaica, serves all the English-speaking Caribbean.